Perfect Cadence, what’s that?

Formed in 2015, PERFECT CADENCE is a collective of wind players dedicating with sharing the love of music for these often neglected instruments.

Have I seen you around?

If you are a classical music lover in Calgary, you probably have, as our five members have connections with virtually every ensemble and academic institution in the area.

From playing with the Calgary Philharmonic, Red Deer Symphony, Rocky Mountain Symphony (and many others) to performing onstage at the Jubilee, Rozsa Centre, the Bella, and just about anywhere music is heard in Calgary, we have been there.

We have enjoyed playing for audiences in so many different contexts and now we have joined forces to make music our way.

Our varied professional interests provide useful skills for our fun, multidisciplinary school shows.


School Shows?

We love performing in schools, and our shows bring to life both the Science of Sound and the Magic of Music to students.

Learn more about our shows, and how to bring us to your school.