“My kids have not stopped talking about your show!”

mother of two students at Hidden Valley School


“I liked how they conducted us to make different sounds and then turned those sounds into music”

grade 3 student


 “The experiments and audience participation were fun and engaging!”

 grade 3 teacher at Hidden Valley School


 “My favourite part was when they made sound waves.” 

grade 1 student

The Magic of Music + Science of Sound = a Very Special Experience!

Integrate your science curriculum into an engaging, interactive musical experience! A PERFECT CADENCE wind quintet performance is a unique and educational adventure for the school-age listener. Our school presentation offers a full fusion of the arts and science. Students will experience high quality and captivating performances by Perfect Cadence while participating in an introduction to the scientific method and sound waves. This unique blend of art and science will create an unforgettable learning experience for your students!

Our Expertise: Music…. and more

All members of Perfect Cadence are professional musicians with Master degrees in Music performance. Our members are busy performers much in demand in Calgary, often playing with groups including the Calgary Philharmonic, and holding principal chairs in the Red Deer Symphony and Symphony of the Kootenays. Outside of music our members have professional experience in computer programming, music acoustics, and innovations in music and electronics. Daryl Caswell is an inventor and longtime faculty member at the Schulich School of Engineering at UCalgary, and is one of two members with doctoral degrees. 

“Making Waves”

Suitable for primary grades, our first show is an exploration of the basics of sound waves, along with short bursts of quality music from the quintet. Students will join in with special sounds in a story, and even take part in a live experiment. Sound waves are all around us, and even though they are invisible, that doesn’t mean we can’t visualize and learn about them!

“Instrumental Super Powers!”

Suitable for primary grades, We use the power of storytelling to show off how flute, oboe, clarinet, horn & bassoon actually work. Follow along as we show off each instrumental “Superpower” and how in music, working together makes the best results.

“What’s your Frequency?”

Suitable for middle and high school students, we explore the nature of frequency, musical pitch, and what that means for tuning and the many kinds of music we hear everyday. Along with a top notch performance from the quintet, this will be a special event your students will not want to miss.  

Extra attention for music students

Members of PERFECT CADENCE are available for special performances, clinics, and lessons for your music students. A visit from the Caswell Music Works instrument repair bus is can also be arranged. 

Ready to find out more?

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