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In Schools

&ldquoMy kids have not stopped talking about your show!&rdquo

Our goals for our educational programs are:
1) To introduce children to high quality music in a variety of styles 
2) To use music to reinforce concepts in the science curriculum  
3) To demonstrate that science and the arts are complementary to each other and both can be used to better understand ourselves and the world around us

What PERFECT CADENCE brings to your school

All members of PERFECT CADENCE are professional musicians with years of performing at a high level. In addition to a longstanding commitment to teaching, we have qualifications and expertise in engineering, acoustics, coding, electro-acoustic research and composing.  Our shows are engaging and full of opportunites for audience interaction; a true integration of educational content and musical performance. 

Perfect Cadence (in Lab Coats) during a school performance

Making Waves
Suitable for primary grades, our original and popular show mixes quality performances from the quintet with an exploration and investigation of the invisble world of sound waves. Through imagination, modeling, and computer techology, students will learn about the basic science of sound and demonstrate the scientific method through participation in an experiment! 

Find Out What We Can Do For You
All Members of PERFECT CADENCE are capable and experienced performers and teachers. We can customise a show idea for your needs. We can also provide enrichment for music students of all levels, including group/section coaching, clinics, and lessons. We can also provide access to Caswell Music Works instrument repair bus.
Contact us for details. 

Perfect Cadence member Daryl Caswell demonstrating during a school performance